Tips on Preparing a Résumé

Make it short and simple without sacrificing substance.

Make it neat, well-organized and attractive.

Never include a business card or photograph unless required.

Always indicate your name, address, and phone number at the top.

Write a short but clear statement of your career objective.

Organize the resume according to specific categories.

For the education category list degrees, institutions, and date of attendance, with the most recent school (highest) first in their chronological order.

For the work experience category list employers, job titles, and dates of employment in chronological order.

For abilities or accomplishments list specific, measurable achievements related to your career goals.

Include other section or categories as maybe necessary to drive home your skills, talent career goals, personality and leadership.

Never write: “References are available upon request.”

Proof read your resume for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors.

Always provide a cover letter. If your resume is lengthy, highlight its substance in the cover letter.