Effective Ways to Impress Interviewers

Creating a good impression to your interviewer can increase your chances of getting hired. Even your excellently written resume (backed up by your commendable achievements), or even your most notable credentials are not enough to impress your interviewer. Most of the time, an applicant is hired by his ability to persuade interviewers that he is an asset of his prospective employer by his good interpersonal skills and outward appearance. Most of your efforts might get wasted if you don’t know the styles and strategies for a successful interview.

If you’re unfamiliar on impressing your interviews, here are some 23 tips that can make your interviewers stare in amazement as they interview you:

1. Dress professionally during the interview.

2. Have a good and charming posture.

3. Greet them with smile.

4. Use English words more than Tagalog. If possible, use conversational English fluently.

5. Overcome tension by relaxing before the actual interview.

6. Show them your excellence in conversation by listening more and speaking less.

7. Show professionalism in all aspects.

8. Address interviewers by Sir or Ma’am, and by their name.

9. Answer appropriately to their questions.

10. Be brief and straightforward in answering questions.

11. Maintain eye contact.

12. Listen attentively and empathetically.

13. Display confidence and composure.

14. Show them that you’re good at handling pressure.

15. Show them your willingness to assume higher responsibilities.

16. Impress them with your power of analysis and soundness of judgment.

17. Always be alert and attentive when interviews made.

18. Show your determination to succeed.

19. Present your goals and plans for the company concretely.

20. Show your cheerfulness and sociability.

21. Convince them that you are dependable and trustworthy.

22. Show them that you are a reliable and a resourceful person.

23. Prepare your answers before the interview get starts

Source: Jobfinder by: Jonathan C. Tribiana February 8, 2002, p. 3